The Beginning of Sarah Says…

How exciting is this! A completely blank blog, ready to be typed upon with anything that I want to say… It’s like a blank notebook, ready for the first day of school, when you use your most careful, prettiest handwriting to keep that notebook as nice looking as long as possible (or was that only me?!)

I know that blogging has been a big thing for a few years now, but like most things in my life, I am late to hop on the bandwagon! I have been following a few blogs regularly for the last couple of years and can really relate to the blogs I chose to follow. All of these blogs discuss similar topics: work, relationships, and random life anecdotes. Even though I have never met the authors of the said blogs, just from reading them regularly, I feel that I know the authors well and can relate to what they are saying. I’ve been wondering for a while: if I can relate to what others are writing (and enjoy reading about their life happenings), then why not try my hand at writing my own blog and possibly giving others the same opportunity to follow my story?! So here I go…

This blog will be about my regular day-to-day life events. I want to include stories about me that make you laugh, and maybe cry, or even teach you a thing or two. I’ve been known to talk a lot, on basically any topic…so prepare yourself for whatever “Sarah Says!”






3 thoughts on “The Beginning of Sarah Says…

  1. Good idea , Sarah. You are a great communicator. You will do well with your blog. Not often does a young woman like yourself strike up a friendship with an ‘older’ lady like myself and surprisingly find that we have so much in common. Are you an ‘old soul’ or am I a ‘young spirit’? In any case it works for us. I wish you luck and good times in your writings . May you find them fruitful and therapeutic.

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