Baking Woes

Last night was a little rough for both Kenz and I.

I pride myself on being a very organized person. I like paying bills on time (or early). I never had to pull an all-nighter in university because my term papers were always done well in advance of the deadline. I get my car’s oil changed every 5,000km. And I am the queen of lists. If I use something up in the kitchen or know that I’m running low on an ingredient, I always add it to my grocery list. For baking ingredients in particular, I like to always have extra of certain ingredients in our pantry. I try to do everything possible so that I never run out of anything mid-recipe. Well, last night was a fail in that department.

First off, when I went to shred a brand new block of cheese that I had bought from Costco (so one of those “Costco-sized” cheese blocks), the entire thing was covered with mold. So bad that I couldn’t even cut it out. So there’s a waste of $10 into the garbage. I then quickly texted Kevin to ask if he could pick up cheese on his way home. We needed it for the dinner recipe I was making. He and his friend meet at a Fortinos to carpool together each morning to work, so it’s perfect if I need any last minute groceries. However, turns out there was some sort of fire incident at the store and everyone (staff included) was standing outside in the parking lot while fire trucks blocked the entrance. So Kev had to go to a different grocery store (that wasn’t as convenient). He arrives home, just as I start making a dessert.

I’m about midway through the recipe when I look for coconut – crucial to the recipe for “Hello Dollies.” I start searching more frantically when it’s not where it usually is. I also check places I don’t usually put it, with no luck. Finally, I check the pantry for back-up and find none. I have about an hour until my parents are supposed to come over for a visit so I run upstairs and tell Kenz (who’s in the shower) that I’ve got to run out to the store to buy coconut. He tells me he doesn’t mind going back out to the store again and seems genuine about it. He had forgotten to buy pop earlier so this is a good chance to get it again (side note: a day without pop is just crazy according to Kevin). So off he goes again and I continue working on other things in the kitchen. He’s back not even 20 minutes later, I add the coconut and finish the recipe, then eat dinner. Mom and dad come over and we visit for a while before Kevin goes for a massage.


When Kevin returns from his massage an hour and a half later, we are chatting in the kitchen about how he liked his new massage therapist. Towards the end of the conversation, he looks at me and out of nowhere, tells me that he forgot to get the pop.

We both called it a night shortly thereafter.





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