This Week’s Obsessions

“This Week’s Obsessions” will be a regular post in pictures about the things that I have done, watched, ate, rocked and loved from the previous week.


I know, I know, I’m one of the last people to jump on the the “Making a Murderer” bandwagon but I am definitely on it now. Because it’s in the media so much right now, it kinda bothers me that I already know that this story does not have a happy ending…

collage (1)I am trying to narrow down which wall mural I would want for my craft room. Not sure why though, because I don’t see this happening anytime soon (they can be quite expensive)! I am hoping that if I drop enough hints, Kenz may surprise me one day and I’ll come home to find a beautiful mural already up in my craft room. (Here’s hoping he starts following my blog…if he does, I like the rainbow rose one the best, Kenz.)

I’ve been rocking the bun donut for a while, but recently replaced mine with a smaller version. Fits my hair much better and is a nice solution to my morning laziness!


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