The News as of Lately

A short discussion on topics I’ve found interesting in recent news.

Ghomeshi, Cosby and Millard: those are recognizable names in today’s media. But there IMG_0292also the lesser known stories with names not as well known, like Muzzo’s (the 29-year-old who killed four members of Jennifer Neville-Lake’s family while drunk driving) and Wabafiyebazu’s (the Canadian diplomat’s son involved in the deaths of his brother and a friend when a drug deal went wrong in Miami). All five of these examples in today’s media have one similarity: the accused are all wealthy, popular and/or from privileged families, yet are accused of serious crimes. Makes me wonder why they commit the things that they are accused of, when they are lucky enough to lead the privileged lives that they do. Do you think they thought that they wouldn’t get caught?

I’ve always had an interest in learning about the Holocaust and the Nazis, so was fascinated by the recent discovery of a secret armoured train in Poland, along with the accompanying legend. For those who aren’t familiar with this story, go here.

What’s up with the guy who shot and killed the person who was stealing his truck in his driveway (story can be found here)?! I’d be interested to know if the suspected killer was actually threatened by the thief, or if he just shot him anyways. I think it goes without saying that there won’t be any robberies for a while now.

One last piece to leave you with…please prepare yourself as Kenz couldn’t even watch this video.



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