My Valentine


So this weekend is Valentine’s Day! I have been getting into the holiday spirit using my usual method: crafting! I had a craft night with a couple of girlfriends a few weeks ago (which consists of making a craft off of Pinterest, eating snacks and drinking wine) and we made the heart string art decoration. We were so happy with how they turned out and started brainstorming other images that we could make in the future.

I then decided that I would need a Valentine’s Day banner. I like to have a banner for our mantle for every major holiday – what type of mantle is complete without one is my thought on that! The red runner that I have underneath everything is sparkly (of course!) and was dug out of the Christmas bin. Since we got married this year, I thought it would be nice to keep up the theme of “love” by including many of our wedding pictures that involved us kissing. Us kissing was 95% of the pictures that were taken anyways so choosing those weren’t difficult lol.


I was at Sweet Paradise earlier this week and picked up this cookie to put in Kevin’s lunch. There were a bunch of different sayings/shapes but I moved them all until I found this one. I wanted to save it until Kevin’s lunch on Friday, but I knew there was a chance he wasn’t going to work because of the cold, so I put it in his lunch on Thursday. I guess he showed all of the guys that he works with – how cute is that?!

I saw a picture on the site “Love What Matters” (which, by the way, you should check out if you’ve never heard of it) of a desk drawer full of little bits of hand-scribbled notes. Apparently, this guy’s wife had wrote him a little note and put it in his lunch every day. He took that picture of his desk drawer to show her that he had kept Every.Single.One. How sweet is that?! That story inspires me to do more regular sweet things like that for Kev, too.

I was recently reminded of the nicest thing that was done for us on our honeymoon in August, which also ties in nicely with Valentine’s Day. I was telling a new coworker I was training recently the following story and had to stop because we both wanted to cry! But, I thought, why not share the story on here where people can cry freely in the comfort of their homes if they so feel?! LOL.

So, during Week #2 of the cruise portion of our honeymoon, we became friends with the pianist/singer who had a show every night. He didn’t just sit there and play (like the pianist on Week #1 of our trip….nice, but BORING!) but would instead, get the audience engaged with singing, chatting and listening to his funny antics. He soon learned that we were on this trip as part of our honeymoon and asked us one night what our first dance was. If you know me well (even if you weren’t at our wedding), you could probably guess that it was “Dance With Me” by Johnny Reid. The pianist then spent the next couple of days learning the song from listening to my iPhone (he had heard it before as it was a family member’s favourite song as well). On our last night on the cruise, he called us up to the front of the room and had us dance to the song (by ourselves, in front of everyone, while he played and sang the song himself).¬†Honestly, the amount of work that he put into learning this for us (two total strangers), the fact that the wedding was over and that it was just Kevin and I on this trip of a lifetime, made the dance even more special than it was on our wedding night. It was special then, too, but in a different way. I took the time to fully enjoy this dance the “second time around” and I “may” have cried during it on the cruise and I even “may” be crying about the memory now. But it was so perfect, guys. That was the best part of our whole trip.

I am going to leave you with one more image I saw recently on Love What Matters. I hope that Kevin and I are this couple in 50 years.


Enjoy your Valentine’s Day weekend, everyone! And P.S., I’d love to hear about your own love story in the comments below!


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