Washing the Washing Machine

I’ve been doing a lot of weird cleaning lately. The type that doesn’t get done often, but when you do it, it Feels.So.Good. Fellow clean freaks, you’ll understand. I recently cleaned all of the baseboards and door frames. Next was our fridge and stove. Then the dishwasher. The other night was the washing machine.

I didn’t know it was even POSSIBLE to clean the washing machine other than just wiping it down. But it is! Lucky for me, I had pinned the process of doing so to my Pinterest board a long time ago and this week while scrolling through my boards looking for something else, I came across this old post. I then had to do it right away when I got home since I realized I have never properly cleaned our washing machine….insert shudder here LOL. And the same washing machine was used by the people who used to own our home. So that just REALLY GROSSED ME OUT when I thought about it too long. How much strangers’ dirt have I been washing our clothes in all this time?! Gross, right? So that’s why I couldn’t wait One.Second.Longer the other night. And good thing I didn’t because all in all, it was a three hour process and I was cleaning it until 8:30PM at night, with one eye shut because I was so tired hahaha. I added an extra cycle of the bleach stage at the end for extra cleanliness because I’m a freak. I also vacuumed underneath my washing and drying machines, too. But let me tell you, it turned out fantastic and I will definitely be doing it more regularly now.

After I cleaned the washing machine, Kenz came home and asked what I’d been up to. He didn’t say anything when I told him, although I know he thinks I’m nuts. He did have something to say though when I asked him his advice on what he thinks the best way would be to clean our vacuum cleaner. I then reminded him of this episode of Friends, when Monica did the same thing. He thinks I am kidding…but am I?


4 thoughts on “Washing the Washing Machine

  1. There is like this secret world of things we should be cleaning that no one knows about. I had no idea that a washing machine could be cleaned. Luckily right now we live in a new apartment so we’re the first ones to use this one, but that’s definitely not always the case so I’m going to remember this! I heard on the radio recently that coffe machines should be cleaned once a year and I was like…..uh, what?! So I went home and did it. It wasn’t that hard and who knows if it really did anything but I felt better lol.


    • Haha I agree on the secret world thing! We just cleaned the coffee machine at work (soaked it overnight with some vinegar) and it made such a difference! There are also these packs of cleaner you can throw in your laundry machine for easy cleaning (I’ve used similar ones for our dishwasher, but we bought it new). Since the laundry machine was not ours first, it needed the more thorough cleaning for my peace of mind LOL.

      Thanks for commenting!


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