Monday Musings (vol.2)

rainbow wreathThe weekend’s weather was so spring-like that I definitely got the itch to do some spring crafting. I made my first spring wreath of the season and I am so happy with the results! This one was completely my own idea (not stolen from Pinterest LOL) so I am extra proud of it. If you are not a follower on my “Sarah’s Wreaths and Other Crafts” Facebook page, be sure to become one by going here.


Speaking of rainbow things, we were in a new Lowes store and this wall Made.My.Day. I told Kenz that the next time I’m sad/mad/upset of any sort, blindfold me, tell me you’re taking me to my happy place, and then end up in front of the paint wall in Lowes. So pretty! The towel aisle in Walmart does the same thing for me. If Lisa Frank was still around, I would definitely have my grocery lists on her notepads. What can I say, rainbow things make me happy.

Saturday, I went to Michaels to prepare for a scrapbooking retreat that I am holding next weekend with my sisters. I can’t give anything away on here as I know they follow my blog but let me tell you, there are things planned for them to be extra excited about. Even though both sisters had already told me they could attend, I decided to make an official Evite for the event because, well, they make events more fun. So, obviously, I had to pick the template that had a sparkly unicorn. In my books, sparkly unicorns are second best after rainbows. And Kenz helped me with the text – he’s very creative. He renamed our address “The Imagination Station” for the invites and made up a rhyme for the text portion. Because when things rhyme, they are usually more fun, too.

While in Venice on our honeymoon, we bought a painting of the Bridge of Sighs and also took our own picture of the same spot featured in the painting (see the resemblance in the picture of us?). I ended up going to Michaels a total of THREE times all within 24 hours on the weekend, all to frame this painting. I thought that if I went this weekend, I would save 50% off of custom framing with a special coupon. But like most coupons, it DID NOT APPLY to what I needed. I’ve been waiting for a sale that’s clearly not going to happen so I got it done anyways. I bought the frame (trip #1), but they had to make the mat around it which took some time. When I picked it up on Sunday (trip #2) and brought it home, the mat did not fit the frame. So then I had to go back for them to trim it down (trip #3). Good thing we live only 8 minutes from Michaels. But I’m happy with it now! It’s funny because I got an email from Michaels early last week that said something like, “we’ve missed you…come back and use this special coupon,” which is creepy that they know I haven’t been in a while (they can track this by the email address you give at check-out). I mentioned to Kev how I’ve been trying really hard to stay away from Michaels lately (and their email is proof)…and then I’m there three times within 24 hours. Old habits die hard LOL.

IMG_1540 - Copy

I also finally found a mirror to fit the bathroom in our basement. I have looked everywhere for one to fit the space needed and found this for $20 at Winners – plus I had a gift card so really, it was FREE! I love it! We are getting new carpet in our basement at the end of the month so it is all coming together down there.

While looking through our honeymoon pictures for the Bridge of Sighs picture, I found this picture of a church in St. Marc’s Square:


For those who aren’t familiar with Venice, St. Marc’s Square is where everyone feeds the pigeons, which is quite gross, actually. At night, amazing bands play at all of the cute restaurants in the square. Each band takes a turn, so as not to overpower the neighboring restaurant.  

Anyways, back to the story. This church had this massive door and I had a thing with taking pictures of cool doors throughout our whole honeymoon. Well, unbeknownst to us, this door actually had a smaller door to the left of where I’m standing (you can’t even see it in the picture). While I was standing there, someone came up beside me, knocked on the door and then the little door opened and a man appeared. I got to peer into the whole place while the door was opened and before the man disappeared inside. It was so neat and just massive, I remember. The place just swallowed the visitor up as the door closed behind him! It reminds me of Wizard of Oz, when they visit the Wizard:


After the door shut, I excitedly asked Kenz if he got a picture of the inside and he told me that I had “blocked the whole thing.” HAHAHA. I make a better door than window I guess! That just came to me while writing this right now and although cheesy, I had to say it.



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  1. Thanks for this reading this morning. You are doing a great job and it is always interesting to read and see what is happening in your life lately. I would have replied on the site but I couldn’t figure out how to send!!!!!

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