Our Love Story

Our love story almost didn’t have a beginning. Kevin and I getting together was narrowly missed not once, but twice. Let me explain…

At the time, I was working at a local hospital and became close friends with a girl – let’s call her “A” as I don’t know if she wants to be featured on this blog or not! “A” quickly became a great friend who took me out of my small town bubble and introduced me to a social life in the city. The first time that I went out with her was to celebrate her birthday. There were at least 25 other people meeting together at a local restaurant/bar and I did not know anyone besides the birthday girl, so this was a little bit awkward for me. She had an equal mix of friends of both sexes and I sat at a table with at least 10 other girls. Fast forward about an hour, and I remember seeing two good looking guys get out of a car and enter the same place. They turned out to be friends A’s, too. The one guy came around and introduced himself to everyone at my table and I remember thinking he was so good looking. I left shortly after and I walked by him on the way out, but nothing happened.

Next day at work, A asked me if I saw anyone at her birthday party whom I was interested in. I mentioned this one particular guy, but could not remember his name because A) I am horrible at remembering names, even names of hot people I’m attracted to and B) I was introduced to a ton of new people that night. She decided to bring her photo albums to work (this was BEFORE Instagram, Facebook, etc. so actual, physical pictures!) so that we could try to figure out which one of her hot friends it was haha. I kept pointing out the same two guys and could not determine which one it was, as they looked similar. So, the next time that her and I went out, she made sure to invite the one guy. However, I knew it wasn’t him right away because he was much shorter than the guy I remember meeting.  She then knew who it was by process of elimination, but said she wasn’t that close to him and that he rarely attends the same events as she does.

Fast forward a year and her and I are at a house party. Again, I barely know anyone and was not feeling it, so I said to her that I would like to go home soon (we had drove there together). She agreed we would go after her next drink. Thank goodness she wanted another drink because THAT’S WHEN KEVIN ENTERED THE PARTY. Remember, this was a year later and although this sounds bad, I had kind of forgotten about him haha. However, that night, I knew right away that “it was him” and he was as good looking as I remembered from a year ago haha. Lucky for me, his personality matched his looks and we talked and talked the whole night. I was no longer in a rush to go home. The whole group of us soon left the house party and went down the street to a bar. I had to get home by a certain time that I’d told my parents, so was starting to sweat that Kevin had still not asked me for my number. I soon really had to get going so I ended up asking Kevin out. That’s right…I asked HIM if he wanted MY number. It seemed like he was wanting to ask me for it, but if you know Kevin, he’s a little bit shy. We always argue about this part because he said he was definitely going to ask me on his own, but since he had no idea I had to leave soon, he was not in a rush to do it. Like I tell him, I could “see the plane landing, but I helped it reach the ground” hahaha.

You would think it would be happily ever after at this point, right? But no. Nothing’s easy in my life haha. On our first date, Kevin was late because he had to work overtime (awesome foreshadowing for the rest of my life). He also did not pick me up from my home (my boss at the time, a traditional Italian, told me to never bother going out on a date with a guy who did not pick up the girl, so his advice was ringing in my ears haha). Then, his brother had broken his passenger seat so I was not able to sit in Kevin’s car, so I ended up driving from the restaurant where we met to the rest of the evening’s locations (to the movie theatre, then to play pool and then to walk on the escarpment). So I drove the GUY around on the date, when I wanted to be the one drove around!

Even so, it was still the best date of my life. And different for me, because at the end of it, I still actually WANTED to see the guy another time haha. But that almost didn’t happen, either…

Kevin didn’t end up calling me for a few days after our first date. We can’t remember exactly – I say two weeks, he says one – but it FELT like an eternity because I had thought we had gotten along so well on the first date. I was starting to get upset and embarrassed (as I had told certain people about him and he was not calling me)…

And then he texted me. In my opinion, texting is not the proper way to connect with a girl. I remember being disappointed that he did that instead of a making a proper phone call. See, I’m quite a traditional girl and he had yet to follow tradition! I found out later that he was so worried that I wouldn’t want to see him again after the length of time that it took to contact me, that he decided to “feel me out” with a text. The text DID turn into a phone call that night, but not until he knew I wasn’t mad haha. Turns out, he had left his phone at a family member’s and to make a long story short, he tried numerous times to get the phone back. And then his car’s engine blew up on the highway, so he was WALKING back and forth to the said family member’s home, since A) he didn’t have a car and B) he didn’t have a phone to call the family member before he went to ensure he was home, so kept missing him. Is this story getting crazy or what?! So during the phone call, Kev explained all of this and said we couldn’t really make plans until he bought another car anyways, since he had nothing to drive. So after our first amazing date, I didn’t see him for a good couple of weeks until he bought his next car, although at least now we could keep in contact over the phone.

scan0001 (2)The first picture (taken by my friend A) of Kevin and I together.

Kevin and I then quickly became inseparable…

Yet, he still wasn’t calling me his girlfriend and I didn’t really know what to call him. It was that awkward phase of dating. So, since nothing else had been traditional up until then and I’m clearly an inpatient girl, I asked him if we were an official couple. Thankfully, he said yes. And the rest is history…

Looking back, it’s really a miracle that we ended up together, no? It seemed like all the forces were against us. But we persevered and thank goodness we did, because he is the best thing that has happened to me.

Thanks A, for making it all possible.

009.jpgOne of my favourite pictures of Kevin and I while we were dating.





2 thoughts on “Our Love Story

    • haha mom! It’s funny, I really had to remember certain parts of it myself. When I asked Kevin about the lost phone/broken car part, he himself didn’t remember that both things had happened at once. Funny how time changes memories.


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