A Tale of Teal

Everyone that’s ever been to our home will quickly be able to determine A) who decorated most of the home: ME and B) what the favourite colour of that said person is: TEAL.

I’ve always been a fan of brightly coloured front doors…maybe it started when I bought this picture for our entrance way:

Surprisingly, Kenz was onboard with helping me paint our own front door teal on a long weekend last summer. However, even I, the Queen of Teal, was a little bit apprehensive about how teal was going to look on our front door. Kenz reminded me that the worse thing that could happen is that I would have had to paint it another colour. Not only do we both love it, but it makes our home easily distinguishable to a new visitor – I just tell them to “look for the teal door.”

Kevin and Sarah's Wedding 09.jpg

The doors used for my entrance at our wedding. The other side we left cream, but made it look vintage as well, but this side is my favourite…obviously…LOL.

In our dining room, on the top of our china cabinet…TEAL, TEAL, TEAL…and PEACOCKS!


My craft room is where I can have as much teal as I want because Kenz rarely comes in there.  Check it out!

TOP: A parasol that I almost left behind on the island of Burano in Venice, because I couldn’t think of a use for it in my life, other than it being teal and pretty. At the time, we were walking back to catch our ferry when Kenz suggested I could hang it in the corner of my craft room. I RAN BACK TO THE STORE TO SNATCH UP THE PARASOL with 10 minutes to spare. I am so glad I did because I love how it looks every time I enter my craft room.

MIDDLE LEFT: The same pencil case I’ve had since high school. Obviously, my love of rainbow, shimmer and teal was already defined at that point in my life. It’s weird how you remember certain memories, but while growing up, I remember driving to Niagara Falls with my sisters, mom and gramma and we were on the highway discussing car colours. I pointed to the car driving past and said, “that’s the colour of car I would want.” It was sparkly and, you guessed it…teal.

MIDDLE RIGHT: My Cricut scrapbooking cutting machine. MADE MY DAY that you could purchase it in teal.

BOTTOM LEFT: Our last name initial wrapped in teal twine. Took approximately two hours to do but look how pretty it looks! Also, note the sparkly teal decorative balls on the right, which are also peacock themed. My love for peacock things is a story for another day.

BOTTOM RIGHT: My teal, high heeled tape dispenser. How awesome is that?!

Kenz jokes that there is at least one teal thing in every room in our home. He’s not all that wrong LOL. Sunday morning, we were discussing what we could do with our kitchen cabinets and I mentioned that I had something in mind from Pinterest. I was picturing more of a distressed-look though, but you get the idea:


Kev is one of the most easy going people that I know (thankfully, as two of us couldn’t be like me living in the same home LOL), but even he said “NO” when I showed him this pic. No explanation, just “no.” I told him since it’s so rare that he is so adamant about something, I wouldn’t argue about it LOL. But if I were single, I would have that kitchen. While on the topic, I showed him what I would like our wrap-around porch on our dream home to look like:

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the ceiling on the porch is painted a teal. What a pretty idea!

Even my favourite tupperware that I have is, you guessed it…TEAL!


I would be upset if Kenz lost any of my Tupperware but no joke, this would be my reaction if he told me he lost my teal Tupperware:


Good thing he doesn’t trust himself to bring the teal stuff to work LOL.


(Obviously, my signature sign-off above also has to feature teal).


6 thoughts on “A Tale of Teal

  1. HA HA HA. The Tupperware pic with Kris Jenner is hilarious. I did (by accident) throw a piece of Tupperware out at school once didn’t tell mom as I knew what the outcome would look like! I found it….luckily. I’m not going to tell you what I had to go through to get it back, you can guess. I was mortified…and the janitor HATED me.


    • LOL I never knew that! I would have done the same thing though! I’m sure you would have gone through that hotel’s dumpster for Dan’s necklace, too, if given the chance…I would have lol….


  2. LOL that Kris Jenner thing! I broke two glass dishes recently and I wanted to cry. I loved them. And sure I can buy them again, but I probably won’t for a long time lol. I LOVE this idea for a front door. When I get a house someday (someday far away lol) I think I need to do a bright color now. Maybe red. Or is that kind of like boring? I always wished I had a favorite color…but I don’t think I do. I like them all. Whenever anyones asks I usually say pink, but really, I don’t like to wear pink, I would never paint my front door pink, I think it’s just a color I say to say something haha.


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