21 Questions

1.  Are you named after someone?
No. My parents said Sarah was not a very popular name at the time I was born, but I happen to know a lot of Sarahs my age. So maybe a lot of parents had the same thought that mine did LOL. I remember reading in one of those random name books you find in the grocery store checkout line that my name means “Hebrew Princess.” I always thought that was interesting.

2.  When was the last time you cried?
This afternoon. Starting to question where Strong Sarah has gone.

3.  Do you have kids?

4.  If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
Yes! At least most of the time I think I’m fun to be around LOL.

5.  Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Anything sweet. Especially Boston cream donuts. I have been known to eat three in one sitting. Also, scrapbooking supplies and pretty much anything teal.


So I was at Fortinos tonight and was disappointed when they didn’t have any Boston cream donuts on the shelves where you grab the individual donuts that you want to put in your box. Then, I noticed this random container of donuts: Sprinkled donuts are Kenz’ favourite, Boston cream is my favourite. And a $$$ deal is always a bonus. It was like this box was meant for me. 

6.  Do you like handwriting?
Yes, I love handwritten notes much more than typed. I think they are way more meaningful! For our wedding, Kenz and I wrote out a letter to each other. We had no idea what the other was doing, but we both spent a lot of time first making a rough copy and then writing it out carefully on pretty paper.


The envelope from the letter that Kevin wrote to me, which we exchanged two days before our wedding day.

I’m not a huge fan of my own handwriting, though. And I still have not mastered signing my new last name since getting married. Working with seniors, I’ve noticed how much nicer their handwriting is than my generation’s. Is it true they don’t teach cursive anymore in schools?

7.  What is your favorite cereal?
Applejacks, which aren’t available everywhere. So when I see a box, I usually buy it. Random fact: Although I hate milk, I need a small amount of milk in the bottom of my cereal just so that it’s a tiny bit moist. However, I sieve that milk out using my spoon before each bite. At the end of eating my cereal, I have a bunch of milk to dump out. Note: chocolate milk is an exception to my milk-hating rule.

8.  What is the first thing you notice about people?
If they seem kind. I admit that I am quick to make a judgement on people, but usually my first impression turns out to be correct.

9.  Do you have any pets?
No. But we would love to own a medium-sized dog. Has to be a non-shedder, though since I’m a bit of a clean freak. I love Aerodale Terriers which remind me of teddy bears. On my walk one night, I was recently talking to someone who has one and lives in our area. I’d read that Terriers are quite active dogs and he concurred. I don’t want a really active dog, since Kenz and I are both gone most of the day – so the dogs needs to be cool with just chilling in the meanwhile. Also, it’s really difficult to find an adult non-shedding dog since I don’t want the work associated with a puppy, either.  So basically, I don’t think I’m ready for a dog because I’m not willing to put in any work LOL.

Wystawa_Rybnik_02.10.2011_airedale_terrier_pl (1)

10.  Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy endings always! I really want to see “The Choice” since I’m a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks.  Kevin told me just tonight, “well, we know what happens in it without seeing it: two people fall in love and then one of them dies tragically.” I couldn’t even argue about it as that seems to happen Every.Single.Time in Nicholas Sparks’ movies! I once was on a reading marathon to read all of Nicholas Sparks’ books one after the other and had to stop because I was an emotional disaster at the end of each book. It takes a lot for a book to make me cry, but Nicholas Sparks has seemed to master that art!

11.  Favorite TV show?
The Walking Dead. I just asked Kevin tonight when the next season arrives on Netflix. Apparently it will be a while since it’s still airing on “real TV.” Otherwise, I don’t watch a lot of TV. The only other show I watch is called “The Riches” which is also on Netflix. It’s about this con-artist family assuming the identity of a rich family that died in a car accident.

12.  Summer or Winter?
Definitely summer. But really, I prefer Spring which isn’t even a choice here. Spring is not too hot and everything’s so pretty after the gloomy Canadian winter. Fall is nice, too, but sad because everything dies and you know that Winter is on its way. Although, reading this the other day sort of changes my perspective on Fall:

13.  Hugs or kisses?
From someone I don’t like…neither, please. From someone I’m married to, kisses (although he gives great hugs, too).

14.  What is the furthest you’ve been away from home?
Europe, while on our honeymoon this past summer.

15.  Do you have any special talents?
I think I’m a pretty good baker. Oh, and spelling. I love spelling!

16.  Where were you born?
Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

17.  What are your hobbies?
Scrapbooking and crafting. Baking. Stamp and coin collecting.

18.  What color are your eyes?

19.  Favorite movie?
Favourite children’s movie is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which reminds me of a funny story. I was so excited to go to Bulgaria in the summer (a stop on our honeymoon cruise) because I thought that was where the castle was that was featured in the movie. Turns out, the castle was in Bavaria (which is in Germany). I was a little disappointed when I found that out.

Favourite adult movie is The Great Gatsby. I loved the book as well but enjoyed the movie more (which is usually the opposite).

20.  What color is your car?

21.  What did you want to be when you grew up?
I was thinking of doing a whole post on this the other day. I wanted to be a vet. I remember reading in a “Highlights” magazine about the marks needed to get into the program at University of Guelph and I was shocked! I was a strong student, but more in the arts than maths and sciences. That article may have helped crashed that dream!


3 thoughts on “21 Questions

  1. Omg I love this, I think I might steal it! I always find it so interesting to find out random facts about people. Like I do the exact same thing with cereal. I think milk is disgusting, I’m getting better about it as I get older, but I will never ever drink it out of a glass or anything.


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