I can’t believe it’s already been over a month since I started writing this blog. I’m surprised that I stuck with it – I wasn’t sure that I would originally haha. Some of you have kept me inspired with your kind comments and emails, especially the ones (okay, only one) email I received when I hadn’t posted for a few days that said how much they missed my posts…you know who you are, so thank-you! (Just FYI, to those that receive an email with the blog post: I would always click the link in the email to read it straight from the website, as the quality is better.)

So, what have I been up to lately?

#1) I have been diligent about getting back into a daily yoga routine. I found on YouTube this awesome channel called “Yoga With Adriene,” which I love. I did her first series,”30 Days of Yoga With Adriene,” before our wedding and then started her second series, “Yoga Camp,” two weeks ago. It’s amazing the change I notice in my body starting this again, compared to when I ended the yoga series in the summer. I really shouldn’t be surprised though since I haven’t done much of anything physical since our wedding haha. I try to walk regularly (although difficult in winter), but yoga works a whole other set of muscles (and my mind), so it’s a nice balance. The instructor is funny (not serious and hardcore like some yoga teachers), is easy to follow and not too challenging. It’s just nice. I am currently on Day 15 so I am halfway there! I only missed two days so far – both for good reasons – so have been diligent about doing it regularly!

I love this series even more than her first because each day there is a different mantra – yesterday’s for example was “Go With the Flow” – but all the rest have been “I” something (“I surrender,” “I believe,” etc) so it gives you better focus mentally I find. For example, every now and then she’ll advise you to think about the mantra of the day – let’s say “I believe” – and you’re supposed to apply it to yourself. So I could think, “I believe in myself” for this example. Maybe when I complete all of her videos, I will do a blog post on all of the mantras I said. Would that be as interesting as I’m thinking? Haha. Her videos are also short (most are around 30-40 minutes), which is perfect because I have a really short attention span! Anyways, overall, I find them very helpful as I’m working through some “stuff” mentally right now and they also just make me feel better about myself since I’m being more active!

#2) We are going to Florida shortly for one week and I’m starting to get excited! We are very fortunate to have friends who own a home there and whom have invited us to spend a week with them. It’s going to be a relaxing week – especially since the U.S/Canada dollar situation is so poor lately so we are limiting our spending money – but it should still be perfect! Give me sun, a good book, a Caesar and some good company and it’s a guaranteed good time!


#3) I have a huge itch for crafting at the moment. I hosted a little scrapbooking retreat a couple of weeks ago at my home with my sisters, and we had a blast. Once you start crafting, you don’t want to stop! And so shortly after the retreat, a friend and I got together to make some cards. This is currently the state of my craft desk…clearly I still have a lot to do so hopefully I can find some time this weekend to finish them up!


#4) For the scrapbooking retreat, I made a lot of food, including these cinnamon buns. I used my bread maker and although this was my third time making them, these ones turned out the best. I made them at Christmas and they were miniature-sized 😦 so I got new yeast and used a better controlled warm environment for them to rise in this time. I was so proud of how nicely they rose up!


I also made salted caramel chocolate chip cookies for the retreat and they were a hit (recipe found here). They take a bit of work but are so worth the effort!

#5) I am getting really excited for our new carpet to be installed in our basement. When we moved into our home, we tore a wall down in the basement to make a bigger rec room (and one less bedroom), but this caused a gap in the carpet which has been driving me crazy. The gap is basically 1 foot wide X 8 feet long (so not very big), but we have to redo the whole basement – stairs included – so that the carpet looks the same throughout. It would have been done already had Home Depot not been taking forever with our other order for pillars (also for the basement). They should have been in on Feb.28 and still aren’t, so hopefully they call this week and then we can pick the carpet and pillars up together!

I am getting creeped out going downstairs now because it just seems so spooky – it echoes now and seems dirty (even though I’ve vacuumed up all the leftover bits of carpet from when Kevin ripped the old carpet out). Last weekend, I was coming back up the stairs and saw the biggest black spider I’ve ever seen in this house. I told Kev that it belonged to the tarantula family. I think he was secretly happy it was me that found it and dealt with it, because spiders are the only thing that I know that creeps him out haha.




9 thoughts on “Life.Lately.(Vol.2)

  1. You have a very interesting life. I get caught up a lot when reading your blog. Smiley face!!!!! (I don’t know how to make a face on the iPad so I just write the words.)


    • You’re hilarious, mom. I was just laughing out loud in a store when I read the smiley face part. I felt I had to explain why I was laughing to the clerk. I think YOU should start a blog haha


      • I was kinda’ liking your mom’s smiley face too ’cause I don’t know how to do one either. I’ll read your blog if you want to write one, Kath!! lol

        Liked by 1 person

  2. haha I laughed at Aunt Kathy’s comment as well but wanted to comment that I might try a couple of the Yoga video’s. I’ve been doing the 21 day fix and have enjoyed the 1 yoga video but wouldn’t mind switching it up for something a little different! ALSO…those buns look delish! 🙂


    • Ohhh I will have to look up the 21 Day Fix…sounds interesting. They have a $5 hot yoga class near me and I’ve been debating on going to it. I tried Moshka once before and hated it but this place is different. Thanks for commenting!


  3. OK all you healthy people…I like to just sit around and eat chocolate…is that as healthy as yoga?? Just to let you know…if I wrote a blog…it would always be about the kind of chocolate that I was devouring!!! Good job Sarah!


  4. I am lovin’ your blog and keep caught up on them. I think it is a great way to share thoughts and ideas. I am looking forward to you and Kevin visiting us. I walk each morning ( well let’s say at least 4 out of 7 days ) my neighbour Brigitte comes with me and we try to do 3.5 miles each day so while here you are welcome to join us. At least we get out and enjoy the awesome weather here then usually I follow up with a nice swim in the pool. It allows me to not feel guilty about my wine time. See you soon, take care Kathy


    • Thanks for following my blog along, Kathy! We are so excited to visit you guys as well! I would love to walk with you…I agree, it makes you feel less guilty later on haha.


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