Home Depot Saga

So tonight, we went to pick up our carpet and pillars for our basement renovation project. In case you’re wondering what 12 feet of carpet looks like in a truck with a 6 foot box, here you go:


Home Depot was a ghost town tonight so I was not understanding why it was takin so long for them to get our order together. Then, a phone call came to the desk we were waiting at: “can those carpet customers come back to the shipping area to see how large their order is?” I told the lady we have a truck, we’ll be fine, but we (me at least, not sure about Kenz – he doesn’t seem to stress about anything) nervously followed her back to the “employees-only/shipping area.”

And there we saw our order.

It was gigantic. Twelve feet on the invoice is different in real life, people!

“So, I’m not sure this will fit in a truck,” Home Depot lady says. “It’s so long it may teeter totter out of the truck while driving.” I nervously look at Kenz. He’s staring at the carpet. There’s some awkward silence as the Home Depot staff and I all look at Kevin. He’s too quiet: what’s he thinking?

Then he says, “I’m wondering how we are ever going to fit that in the house and down the stairs around all those corners.”

Wow, great point. Even if we get this thing home without it crashing through someone’s  windshield, how are we going to get it where it needs to go?! I suggest we call our carpet installer and ask him if we can cut the piece in two. Or see if he has some other suggestion. This sort of thing must happen all the time, right? He should have a suggestion – he’s the one who told us the measurement, after all haha.

Kenz decides we will figure that part out later. Right now, he has decided we will load it in the truck. “We have already paid for it, Sarah, nothing can be done at this point as they can’t cut it here anyways,” he tells me. Always so logical.

So, next up was loading it onto the cart. Magically, three guys came around the corner and heaved it off of the shelf. The one guy pushed the cart out to the truck with Kevin and I. As we passed another staff member, he told the guy helping us that he was being stupid, as lifting something like our carpet is what made him have an operation and take eight months off of work not that long ago. “Thank you for your assistance,” I wanted to tell that guy. Our Home Depot helper continued with us, unwavering haha.

In the end, the flat bed of the truck ended up being the same height as the cart, so the carpet slid right into the truck. It seemed easy to me but frankly I was not helping at all so I don’t really know haha.

Kenz is now deciding if the carpet can fit through a basement window, or if he will have to remove door frames. One way or another, he tells me it will work.

I told him that I wanted to ask the Home Depot lady what else she suggested since she didn’t think the truck would fit the carpet. Kenz laughed when I asked him if she wanted a transport truck instead.




7 thoughts on “Home Depot Saga

  1. Geez. That trip sounds like the trip we made to pick up material for Dan and Heidi’s house. It also was sooooo long and then we had to go on the Hwy to get it to there home. That was a decision in itself. It was scary and Heidi was waiting for us at her end as she also was concerned.


  2. Lol wow! Makes me glad we don’t own a home. My parents built a new house when I was a kid and ever since then I LOATHE Home Depot. I had to spend hours and hours there. You would think the carpet guy would have known that this would be difficult to get into the house right? Crazy. Please update once you get it inside lol.


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