Life as a Pioneer

Sorry, I was a bit comatose there for a while. It’s been a while since my last post. Anyone miss me? haha

For the last few weeks I have not been feeling well and Saturday night, it caught up with me. I slept from 9PM Saturday until noon on Sunday, got up for two hours on Sunday then slept from 2PM-7PM, woke up again, ate a little something, then slept from 9PM-7:30AM on Monday. Then, I actually debated going to work on Monday because I was still tired…(and maybe because when I woke up, Kevin was already home from driving to work and back because the crane was broken, so that meant no work for him, so I kinda wanted to stay home with him haha)….crazy, eh? Let’s just hope that whatever it was my body was fighting is gonzo. And no, I am NOT PREGNANT. Apparently a woman my age cannot “just feel sick” and not have everyone assume that they are pregnant! End of rant.

Today, I was told that I would have “been at my element in Pride and Prejudice days.” HUH?


I needed an explanation and she explained that she thought that since I’m very crafty, like a clean house, do a lot “from scratch,” etc., that I would have fit in well back then. She didn’t mean it as an insult and I wasn’t really insulted anyways because I often tell Kenz how I think it would have been cool to be a pioneer sometimes. Some parts definitely would have been hard: like the whole no car, no washroom, no doctor within a three day carriage ride sort of thing, but other parts would have been kind of neat I think. Like having to make everything for yourself in order to survive, such as having enough food stored for the winter months from the summer gardens. You 100% had to rely upon yourself and your family. There was no Wal-Mart nearby to dash out to in the middle of a recipe. On second thought, there probably weren’t even recipe books!

Kenz doesn’t think I’d be able to survive as  a pioneer because I complain a lot when there’s work to be done (he’s not lying) and being a pioneer would mean there was ALWAYS a lot of hard work to be done. But, I always appreciate that work when I see the fruits of our labour – like when vegetables come up in our garden or I have a freshly clean house top to bottom or all of the laundry is completed. I’m now thinking of how much harder those tasks would have been to do in pioneer days – like I complain about doing laundry when I have a washing machine and dryer and those definitely weren’t around back then haha.

I could definitely live without TV, cellphones and social media.

I would have to watch these instead of TV:

Great Plains Dairy Cow Blend

I would have to write in a journal with a quilted pen like this instead of on my laptop:


And no laptop would mean no blog. So, unfortunately none of you would know about the crazy things that go on in my head anymore haha.

I would not have enjoyed the fact that you basically delivered babies yourself and that there weren’t even specialists back in the day. I read that doctors didn’t even need to do proper schooling to call themselves a doctor back then…is that true? This conversation came about when Kevin and I were driving to a jaw specialist for me and I said, “do you think the pioneers would have had jaw problems and if so, what would they have done?” Kenz thought that they probably did and just dealt with it. Because, there definitely was stress back then (a major cause for jaw issues).

Basically, all of my knowledge of pioneers stems from reading and watching Little House on the Prairie, and remember this part of the story –

when grasshoppers destroyed all of the Ingalls’ family’s crop that one year? Think of the money a dentist specializing in jaw issues would have made THAT year!

I think what I would like most about pioneer days would be the fact that you were way more reliant on yourself and others than we are today. Today, we can hire people or machines to do our work that back in the day, we would have had to figure out for ourselves. If we didn’t figure things out, we didn’t survive.

I honestly wouldn’t want to go revert back to day-to-day living like a pioneer, but I would like our world today to be a little bit simpler. Less go, go, go. Less stress overall. And more time with those you love.


4 thoughts on “Life as a Pioneer

  1. This is interesting. I didn’t realize you thought of being a pioneer. I definitely would not like to be one – too much work for me!!!! Although their life was not so fast paced. Just thinking about being a pioneer, and what I have had to do this week, would have taken me a month or more in pioneer days. I also don’t think pioneers would get to see Johnny Reed tomorrow night, and if they did, they would have had to start out last Thursday night just to get to Hamilton. See you tomorrow night, and I will be to your house in 20 minutes as I will be driving my car. HAHA

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