This Week’s Highlights

Happy Friday! This was a busy week so not a lot of time for blogging. Carpet installer is coming at 8:30am tomorrow and I am exhausted so just a short post today before bed. Somehow I still managed to just finish Day 20 of Yoga Camp…wohoo!

In no particular order, here are my top 5 favourite things from this week:

#1) Having a three hour long lunch date on Wednesday with a very special friend whom I hadn’t seen since before Christmas. We had plenty to catch up on and had no idea that much time had passed while we were chatting – that’s when you know you’ve truly enjoyed your company!

#2) Being applauded today at work after I said some announcements between dinner and dessert at our regular Friday potluck at work (at a seniors’ rec centre). Still don’t know why, as I do this regularly, but maybe my announcements were extra exciting today…for example, since there is no potluck next Friday due to Easter, I did mention that I hope the Easter bunny finds them next weekend 😉 Regardless of the reason, it made my day.

#3) Finding out that there is going to be an Anne Frank exhibit in my city. I’ve always been interested in learning about WWII and read plenty of books on The Holocaust, so I am looking forward to seeing this exhibit.


#4) Going to see my boyfriend last night, Mr. Johnny Reid, with my mom. Highlight of the show was when he sang Dance With Me, my favourite song…and also our wedding song.

#5) Realizing that there’s only one more week until we go to Florida!



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