A Weekend Hermit

This weekend, from Friday after work – Monday morning, I left the house a total of two times – for a combined total of one hour. I was a definite house hermit this weekend and those are the best weekends to me!

Even while staying at home the whole weekend, it still seems like the weekend passed in a flash. Friday night started with Kenz and a friend trying to get the carpet that had been inside our garage, to downstairs so that it was ready for the carpet installer on Saturday morning.

The first piece (12X17 feet) fit into the basement via a tiny basement window. The second piece (34X17 feet) was not going to be so lucky. The two guys discussed a couple different tactics then decided on taking doors off their hinges and covering walls with blankets so the carpet – which was going to be a tight fit through the house and down the stairs – didn’t scratch any walls.

It was at this time that I suggested I call the carpet installer to see if he had any suggestions, or if he was going to have to cut the carpet anyways. Lo and behold, the carpet guy said “oh, don’t worry about moving the carpet from the garage. I’ll do it with my guy when we get there in the morning. It will be no problem.” Kenz and his friend were relieved. Too bad we didn’t call him an hour earlier. (I wasn’t around when the carpet guy moved the carpet from the garage to basement in the morning, but Kenz said it was amazing to watch. Apparently the two carpet guys folded the carpet in half then guy #1 jumped on the carpet to bend it in half again, while guy #2 was holding the carpet. They didn’t nick a wall or require doors off hinges.)

I then invited the friend to stay for dinner and COULD NOT BELIEVE his manners:

a) He played on his phone the whole time while Kenz and I were preparing dinner,
b) He had half of his dinner ate before Kenz and I even sat down at the table and
c) He helped himself to dessert (which was on the counter – not the table) TWICE as Kenz and I were still eating our dinner.

When the friend wasn’t looking, Kenz and I exchanged some glances like this:

kim kardashian kanye west smh no way doubt

as we both could not believe this guy’s manners!

His friend left shortly after to go pick up his child from his parents. If he was in that much of a rush, though, then he SHOULD NOT HAVE STAYED FOR DINNER.

Kenz and I finished our dinner and then enjoyed our dessert together. Kenz’s reasoning for his friend’s manners: “some people live differently than us, Sarah.” I’ll say. People who were raised in a barn, I guess. Needless to say, he won’t be getting an invite back anytime soon.

We finished painting the baseboards Friday evening and then went to bed.

Saturday morning, carpet guys came right at 8:30AM – I love promptness from tradespeople! – and were done by 2PM. We are so happy with the job that they did and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the new carpet smell in the basement. I will be posting pics on here when everything is 100% done downstairs.

After carpet guys left, the real work started for us. I vacuumed up all the little bits of carpet, which was really fun for me because the vacuum made that sound that it makes when it is collecting dirt and THAT IS SO SATISFYING! Kenz started installing the decorative pillars. This was going to be a job that took maybe an hour tops and we are now at hour like ten. I say “we” loosely as I’ve only been the cheerleader for Kenz’ hard work on these, while he’s done all the work. Turns out the one wall is crooked that he’s installing the pillar on and the other wall has a header that does not match up with where the pillar stands. So, basically issues on both sides of the room. But Kenz has a plan and he’s getting it all sorted out. It’s a slow process as you can only do so much, then it needs to dry, etc., but it should be done early this week. It looks awesome down there though so far and I am so excited to post pictures on here for everyone to see.

Saturday night, we got pizza and wings from our favourite place which never disappoints. The pizza deal we get includes two pops and it makes me so happy that they carry Crush pop there. It’s my fav and I never buy it as I don’t drink a lot of pop and Kenz is a coke man. Last time, we got it delivered and I asked for Cream Soda but Orange arrived and I was slightly disappointed, so I was happy to secure my cream soda myself that night in the store haha.

Saturday night around 10PM we were brushing our teeth and then the water wouldn’t go down the drain. So then Kenz unscrewed something underneath and the water gushed out, into the cupboard below (and all of the products and cleaners down there), until he could get a bowl underneath to catch the rest of the water. He worked on it for almost an hour but gave up around 11PM and said he needed some Liquid Plumber. First thing Sunday morning (I was still sleeping), he went out to buy some…which worked because the water finally drained out. I know it’s gross but I wish we could have seen what WAS the culprit for sure as that’s kind of fascinating to me. I never got to see what was blocking it though as it went directly down the pipe. Kenz blamed my long hair for probably clogging the drain, and he’s probably right.

This one time when I was cleaning out the tub plug of all my hair, I pulled it up and a bug was attached to all the hair…NASTY! We have this weird bug called a silverfish that I find in damp places around our home – usually the fruit cellar, or sinks, and it looks something like this:


It freaks me right out and they move so frigging fast! I guess obviously they would though, with those hundred of legs that they have! So that is a main concern of mine now in the basement. The carpet is a darker colour than before and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to see the silverfish as easily…

Sunday, I slept in way later than usual (11:30am) and felt like I missed half the day. Kevin was already working again on the pillars downstairs. He also switched the winter tires on my car for the all-season ones, as we wanted this done before driving to the airport on Friday.

I made a roast beef dinner for dinner. Usually Kevin makes the gravy, and the mashed potatoes, but he was busy so I managed the whole meal all by myself and I was quite proud of myself haha. We also had asparagus as it was on sale at the grocery store so that was a nice treat! Oh, and hello dollies for dessert.

The best part of the weekend though was Saturday morning when we decided that the Easter Bunny was going to come early to our home. We will be in Florida over Easter so we celebrated the chocolate part early here haha. Kenz got me the flowers, the pink stuffed bunny and the chocolate to the right of the bunny. His stuff from me is to the left of the pink bunny. We both got each other some cool things! Like, look at my Princess chocolate! And here’s a close-up of my flowers:

IMG_1647 (1)So pretty!

Happy first day of Spring, everyone!


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