Life. Lately. (Vol.4)

Sorry all, it’s been awhile.

As Kevin said the other day, it’s been a rough few weeks…and I think he meant for both of us. On the particular night of this comment, he said he was  happy to see that I was finally back to being more like myself. Not crying all the time from the jaw surgery pain. Not tired all the time from who knows what – I still think it was just post-surgery exhaustion and this soft-diet crap. On this monumental night, I was happy, joking, smiling. The Sarah that we have both missed for the last while.

Thank goodness the tough part is now over. I am now six weeks post-surgery and I am officially at 25 popsicle sticks high [the distance needed to stretch my mouth open to every hour]. I no longer have to add a stick every other day to stretch it further, which is why I think the pain is diminishing.

I didn’t want to make this whole post about my health and the surgery, but I wanted you to know that I am definitely doing better. It has been a really long road and I still have approximately six more weeks of recovery but it’s nice to know that I’ve made it this far. And Kevin, too. Because he has had to put up with A LOT over the past little while.Here are some examples of how I realized, once again, how lucky I am to have Kevin be my husband:

  1. The day after the surgery – when I was barely eating – Kevin went to the store to get me protein drinks. He was gone forever and I was starting to worry. When he came home, he said he went to multiple stores and spoke to numerous staff about which flavour and brand was the best. And then he didn’t say anything when I complained that they tasted nasty, even after he’d gone to all that trouble of finding the ‘best one.’ [Sidenote: I don’t think it matters what flavour you get, I tried two and they were both gross].
  2. For approximately two weeks after the surgery, I could not get into a vehicle without feeling nausous and/or vomiting. Kevin saw and cleaned up way more of my vomit than most husbands would see in a lifetime. Just recently, [WARNING: grossness ahead], Kevin admitted that his finger even touched my barf at one point when he was emptying the container. He never said anything at the time and just continued cleaning it up. I know I would not have been able to do that. There probably would have been more vomit to clean up (mine) after something like that happened to me LOL.I barely went anywhere because of the nauseousness and when I wanted a McFlurry one night, I suggested we go grab one (I was having a good day and thought I’d be fine going the short distance to McDonald’s). Kevin said, why risk the vomiting – I’ll go out and get one for you. He did that on more than one occasion.
  3. He did the same thing when I wanted popsicles last weekend – but this time it was because I had strep throat (apparently luck is not in my corner in the health department lately LOL).
  4. I asked him to get some groceries for me recently, including make-up remover pads which he had no idea what they were. And then I asked him to price match certain items [he reluctantly agreed but I could tell was visibly nervous about doing this]. And then as a joke, I decided to push the envelope and ask him to use some coupons, too (I didn’t have any valid coupons but thought it would be funny to ask). He would have done that too for me, although he was definitely grumbling about it LOL. [Regarding the below picture: when he brought the groceries home, he had even crossed the items off the list with the pen I had included – even though he had acted like I was crazy to include it LOL. There’s no way you can do grocery shopping without a pen!]IMG_1844 (1).JPG
  5. He has been my biggest cheerleader all along throughout this process. From before the surgery (when I was stressing out about it coming up), to during the surgery day itself, to the entire recovery period after. He has come running when I called him from bed at really low moments (literally, used my cell phone in our own home to call him because I couldn’t yell without my jaw hurting more) and did whatever he could think of to try to reduce my pain. He called the surgeon for me for advice. Dealt with the insurance company when my benefits card didn’t go through to get the after-surgery drugs. And basically did not complain once throughout it all. Except maybe [gingerly] suggest one night that “the crying needs to stop.” He said he could not keep coming home to find me crying every day. And you know what, I think that was what I needed. The tears have greatly decreased since that conversation.

He always seems to know exactly what I need to hear, when I need to hear it.


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