This is How I Feel (Vol.)

I just finished a three hour resume project for a client (yet another side job of mine lol) so want to make this post short and sweet. I thought doing my regular “Life. Lately” feature in GIF’s would be fun for tonight, so here goes…

#1) Seeing what I think is an undercover cop on the side of the road (for the second time this week), just after I speed by:

90s car scared movies movie

#2) Realizing that he/she is NOT a cop and I got lucky, once again:

hallelujah xiomara villanueva thank god jane the virgin jane villanueva

#3) Recently cleaning my wedding dress in my own laundry machine to avoid the $200 dry-cleaning fee and being amazed that it didn’t get ruined:

excited wow exciting reaction friends

#4) The expression on a fellow driver when I drove past him, with 25 popsicle sticks in-between my teeth because it was time to do my jaw exercises:

staring animal slow turn

#5) After receiving advice from some of my readers regarding my last post (thank-you!) and learning that I can get two weeks of Sirius radio for free…and that you can negotiate with Sirius to get a better deal if I decide to sign up again:

excited awesome the hills exciting lauren conrad

#5) Even though I was calm externally, inwardly this was my expression I was fighting after Kevin calmly told me Monday night that his company will most likely be striking as of Thursday:

omg jaw drop mother of god reactions god

#6) My expression, after reading Kevin’s simple text message after last night’s union meeting of “No strike babe:”

hallelujah xiomara villanueva thank god jane the virgin jane villanueva


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