iPhone Diaries (Vol 1)

I saw this new post idea and thought it would be a fun one to start doing. Basically, iPhone Diaries is a post that discusses some of the pictures from your phone. So here goes:IMG_1929.JPG

We recently bought a Hibiscus plant and even though it was only a 6″ pot, the blooms are MASSIVE! On this particular morning, we were lucky to have three blooms at once. How pretty.

IMG_1901 (1)

At work, there is a nest that robins use every year. They recently hatched and while on my lunch, I took this photo of the parent bird feeding its babies. Too bad I couldn’t capture the squawking they made!


Kevin and I stopped by my parents last weekend to drop off some things for them. While there, I went around the back of their house and noticed a chipmunk drowning in the pool. I scooped him up in my hands and towel dried him off, until he was ready to  make a run for it….right smack into the side of the shed. The poor little guy was in shock I think. My sister and I used to save frogs, toads and chipmunks from the pool all the time when we were growing up. I even bought these special ramps that I got shipped from the U.S. that you attached to your pool ledge so that if any animal fell in, they could walk out of the pool themselves. This never happened to my knowledge. I only ever found bugs on the ramp and was super sad when I would still find a dead critter.


We have one of those red community mailboxes. I get so excited when I find a key in my mailbox, meaning that I have a large package that can’t fit in my regular box so I have to open the special delivery box. It’s even more exciting when I am not expecting anything in the mail; it’s basically Christmas! These were two full sized shampoo/conditioner bottles that I received on account of some couponing sites that I’m a part of. A couple months ago, I got another package with the new Dove shampoo/conditioner and heat protector, but it came with a note that I was not allowed to discuss it with anyone LOL. The product is now available for purchase in the store though so I feel I can disclose this highly confidential news!


A powerful screenshot.


A screenshot I just sent to Kevin. And I’m not a fan of hugging…so this means a lot LOL.



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