This is How I Feel (Vol.2)

I’ve decided this is going to be a regular feature. I had a lot of fun making it last week and it’s a nice, quick post for the end of the week!

Me, earlier this week while driving behind someone going 20 km’s under the speed limit…resulting in being stopped at Every.Red.Light:

Silicon Valley angry furious

Receiving a letter in the mail from Costco stating that I need to return a product I purchased that may contain the Listeria bacteria…and not being able to find that product anymore in our freezer:

gross do not want gag barf yuck

Calling my doctor’s office to get my blood test results and learning that the lab lost my results (and remembering that this is unfortunately not the first time):

The Simpsons bart simpson season 18 episode 22 18x22

Trying to figure out where all of this “lost blood” ends up:

whoa reality awake wide awake realization

What I would say to the mother of the kid who”wandered” into the gorilla-enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, resulting in the death of a 17-year old endangered gorilla:

Lucifer fox towel unbelievable lucifer morningstar

After Kevin recently gave me something that was meant to be for my birthday, but gives it to me now instead:

happy dance rhonj real housewives of new jersey woohoo real housewives of nj



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