Simple Pleasures

I had an amazing experience tonight in a totally random place; not one where you would expect excitement. It was one of those unplanned, magical moments that you wish someone that you knew was there to experience with you…like seeing a double rainbow in the car by yourself.

Anyways, I was picking strawberries at a local farm, which I really enjoy doing. (Like peeling boiled eggs. Weird, I know.) Anyways, I was there by myself, although other people were in the patch around me. The patch was surrounded by a forest; it was really quite a pretty place. Everyone was happily (or maybe just me) picking their berries, when you could suddenly hear a plane coming in the distance. Anyways, I looked up as the noise was getting louder and then all of a sudden, it seemed like right out of the forest, a plane appeared. It had just taken off from the nearby airport. It was a huge plane (not just a recreational one) and seemed so low. It was so cool to see it appear right above that forest. Even though I knew it was coming because of the sound, I had no idea what to expect until BAM it was right on top of our heads!

Everyone looked up and said “wow”. It was like when you are watching fireworks with a group of people and everyone collectively says “oooh and aaah” at the same time. We all came together right then at that moment in that strawberry patch. It was a collective moment of excitement in an otherwise monotonous (but enjoyable to me at least!) task.

The first thing I thought was that I wished Kevin had been there to experience it with me. And then I wished that I had taken a picture of it (I’d left my phone in the car). But sometimes, it’s best to just experience moments, no? And not worry so much about recording them.

When I was trying to explain this to Kevin later, I compared it to the jumbo jet we saw coming into St. Maarten airport. Similar to this (fast forward to 6:00 minutes in).

I asked the strawberry clerk how often this happens. She said every two hours approximately. I think I will try to time my next trip to the patch (probably next week) with the airport’s schedule of arrivals/departures…so that I can see this again. And hopefully Kevin can experience it with me that time.


My bounty from tonight!


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