The Beginnings of a Great Year Ahead


Kevin and I in Niagara Falls, Ontario this past weekend celebrating our one year anniversary

People aren’t lying when they say the first year of your marriage will truly test you.

It certainly did Kevin and I.

We happily got married – but in the process, no longer have relationships with an entire side of Kevin’s family; had several unexpected financial expenses with vehicles (and new vehicle purchases); and dealt with unforeseen, emotionally and physically stressful, expensive medical issues such as my jaw pain and that time Kevin missed work for 6 weeks from an at-home construction incident (he pretty much almost cut his finger off).

That’s just the quick synopsis. But you get the gist: it’s been a rough year.

Somehow, though, I think that Kevin and I came out of it better people. We have realized what’s most important to us, what we need to spend more time on and who we want to spend more time with. We are focusing more on us and what makes us happy as a couple. We realize how lucky we are to have each other and I, for one, definitely do not take Kevin for granted. I think I may have in the beginning (when we were dating and living together), but after this past year, I have truly realized how lucky I am to have him. He has been my rock this whole past year – even in times when I should have maybe been more his rock – and he has provided me with the support I’ve needed on so many occasions. He continuously puts me first and makes me feel beautiful on a daily basis. He forwent a card on our anniversary to instead tell me that he still can’t believe that one year ago, he made the best decision of his life: to marry me.

A lot of people ask me, is being married any different than living together? I always tell them, yes, being married is definitely different…It’s better.

(Click each picture to see a caption)


my anniversary gift for Kevin – our wedding vows

This year is already off to a great start: My final appointment with my jaw surgeon is tomorrow; we got a great deal on a good, used car for Kevin last night and yesterday, I started a new part-time job (to do in addition to my current job) that I think I’m going to really love.

I’m taking this all as a good sign that year two of being married is going to be amazing!


my favourite picture from our wedding day. I think this was the best picture taken that truly showed our happiness.

P.S. If you want to see the short version of our wedding video, click here.



5 thoughts on “The Beginnings of a Great Year Ahead

  1. Geez, Sarah and Kevin, what a wonderful video and it still touches me as it did one year ago…lol. Congrats on one year of married life. It just gets better and better. Lots of love going your way, Aunt Vanda xoxo

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