This is How I Feel (Vol.3)

When Kevin begins a conversation with the words “I’ve got some bad news:”

today not left cakeday panicking

And then realizing that the news is not as devastating as said intro would suggest:

Agent M Loves Gifs annoyed facepalm face palm judge judy

When I received a response within 15 minutes of posting Kevin’s lemon of a car (for parts only) on Kijjii, of someone who after I told him everything wrong with it, still wants to come see it:

sahlooter wow chris pratt mind blown

When Kevin recently told me at 10PM at night that he had to go out to catch a Pokemon that was at the local McDonald’s:

reactions serious no way jaw drop are you serious

Upon reading the Trump campaign is starting to fail:

alixmcalpine allen strickland williams god thank god

When I hear the garage going up, knowing that Kevin is now home:

happy dancing excited awesome full house


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