Animal Adventures


I’m usually the one who is last to know everything, yet ironically, it is me who has become the giraffe educator lately to those around me. Only one other coworker knew about April. Upon learning that, I then spewed out a bunch of cool facts about giraffes to those who were living in the dark lately…

“Who knew that a giraffe fell 6 feet when they were born?!”

“Who knew that once a giraffe gets pregnant, the male has no interest in here – he becomes an absentee father?”

“Who knew that babies can weigh approximately 150 lbs at birth and come out hooves first?”

I’ve even set “Animal Adventure Park” (where April lives) to appear on top of my Facebook newsfeed, so that I don’t miss anything!

When I started giving updates to Kevin about April’s pregnancy, he got confused. I was calling Oliver the “baby daddy” and discussing why they couldn’t go outside into their yard that day (too cold – it needs to be above 60 degrees). Then I remembered that we also know someone, a HUMAN, with the same name as the giraffe, who is ALSO PREGNANT, yet NOT with someone named Oliver. Not only had Kevin not heard about April the Giraffe, but he also had good reason for his confusion when I started talking about her LOL.

Besides giraffes, goats are also getting a lot of attention lately. I know someone who changed their wedding day because she wants her goats to wear dresses and walk down the aisle with her, and the baby goats weren’t going to be big enough for her original date. She actually CHANGED HER WEDDING DATE and RESENT HER INVITATIONS to accommodate the goats.

I was recently told that my hours were going to be reduced over the quiet summer months at work. So, I got on the computer and started looking for some extra income and came across this ad: “Yoga/Pilates Instructor with Goats.” I was intrigued, obviously! What did this mean? What part do goats play in fitness?! So, I connected with the farm owner and she filled me in. Apparently this is the newest craze? Check this out:


The farm where I will be teaching has already set up its first class and it sold out, plus has a waiting list of double that. It’s crazy! I really was skeptical when meeting with the owner last night, but left feeling pretty excited when leaving. I’ve always liked goats, and the farmer who was looking for the teacher has a pregnant goat right now who is going to have her babies any day. I’m sure teaching pilates with goats will be challenging for me to teach, but I think it will be a nice change, too! Doing fitness with animals – especially goats known for their friendliness – is supposed to be super “zen like” and I could definitely use some extra zen in my life!

I’m not sure what this means, exactly, but when I told Kevin I was thinking about doing this new class, he said “well, it’s definitely a strange concept, but if I could see anyone teaching pilates with goats, it would be you, Sarah.”

That guy’s always got my back, LOL.




3 thoughts on “Animal Adventures

  1. Dan honestly thought you were kidding when you mentioned goats. He told me as I was falling asleep last week. I can’t wait to tell him you were serious..and you got the job!! Marcus will be super jealous. He loves all animals right now. And you already know how he feels about giraffes!

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    • Even if I tried I wouldn’t be able to make this good of a story up lol.

      Maybe Marcus can come for a visit. There are horses, kittens and a chicken, too. It’s just a small place so not


  2. I do yoga on Tuesday nights and they have been discussing “the goat idea” for our group. Unfortunately, the instructor only has horses…lol. That sounds scary! Can’t wait to hear how goat yoga goes…Have fun with that one!

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