Currently. (Vol.2)

So it’s been a long minute since my last post I see! Both Kevin and I took this week off from work, and I told all my editors (three now!) that I wasn’t going to take on any writing jobs, either, as I really needed a break. So this week, I actually have time for some “fun writing.” Let’s get caught up on my latest news!

Feeling tired and sick. This is the first Christmas in three years that I haven’t had the flu over Christmas. But, as luck would have it, I had two kids who thought it was funny to cough right in my face on Christmas Eve repeatedly while their parents sat back, until I told Kevin it was “time to go.” I have woke up the last three days with a sore throat and ear pain…which of course travels to my jaw now. So that’s fun! Kevin just left to do an errand and gave me some Tylenol, as I’d already taken Advil and he didn’t want me to have too much of one drug lol.

Eating a lot of junk still from Christmas. Kevin told me he was “turkey’d out” yesterday, so wanted to go out for dinner. His suggestion? Swiss Chalet.
Me: “How is that any different than staying home and eating turkey?”
Kevin: “Their dipping sauce. And French fries.”
In case you’re wondering, we ended up at a restaurant nearby and as luck would have it, they had 2 for 1 wing night last night, so we ended up with chicken anyways. Joke’s on me I guess!

Laughing about: my niece wondering why our Elf on the Shelf was still out on Christmas morning. THIS IS WHY I’M NOT A PARENT, PEOPLE! I don’t know these rules.

Listening to my new playlist on my iPhone, which I downloaded using this rocket-speed computer. Favourite songs at the moment include this one (love the video as much as the song), this one (super sexy video too by the way), this one and of course, after watching Suicide Squad, this makes the list, too.

Reading “A Summer Affair,” by Elin Hildrebrand. A good, trashy read for the holiday break. I recently finished “Night” by Elie Wiesel and THAT was a heavy read, so needed to follow it with something light.

Watching: Kevin told me the other day that The Mindy Project had new episodes on Netflix. My first question: “how long have you known this?!” If you remember, Mindy is what got me through the hourly exercise sessions after my jaw surgery. I just love her.

I very rarely watch TV, basically only when a new season of Grey’s, Mindy, or Orange is the New Black comes on, so I never see the “new episodes” flags on Netflix. I count on Kevin to update me LOL. I am so excited to have something to watch again 🙂

Making Valentine’s Day projects! My business, @sarabellahomedecor had a very busy holiday season, which was so exciting! These were some of my most popular orders this Christmas:

I’m using this week to get ahead on Valentine’s Day projects. I call Kevin my “Craft Engineer,” as some projects have been especially tricky lately. I always tell the customer “sure, that’s not problem, I can do it,” then ask for a consult with “engineering” ie. Kevin, to ask him how “we’re” going to do it 😉 He never disappoints and always finds a solution for me. Without him, I’d have to turn a lot of projects down. Or become best friends with the guys in the wood shop at work LOL.

Loving my new computer. It has a huge screen, no tower and is touchscreen. We purchased one on Black Friday, but it ended up having a super annoying hum so returned it and ordered one from Costco right before Christmas. Kevin basically compared me working on my old computer to complete my writing projects each night to him wearing leaking construction boots at work. I got the point and he placed the order online one night.

Everything is so fast on it; it’s amazing. I used it to make a crafting project last night and instead of having the machine crash approximately two times during the project, it didn’t AT ALL. I got the project done in RECORD TIME. I told Kenz I’ll really start seeing more profit now regarding @sarabellahomedecor. Plus, my writing projects will no longer be jeopardized with the frequent appearance of the blue screen of death that occurred on my old computer, so that’s always a good thing, too!

Anxiously waiting for Youtube’s Yoga with Adriene’s new 30 day challenge in the new year. She never disappoints me with the way she teaches yoga – funny, not serious, short and sweet.

Planning my next scrapbook on our honeymoon. It’s a huge undertaking – even more so than our wedding scrapbook which I have finished – because of how many countries we visited. How do you cram three weeks of a trip of a lifetime into a 20 page scrapbook? That’s where I’m struggling.

Excited for a scrapbook retreat in March with my sister. That’s what I need to get this scrapbook planning under control so that I’m not wasting time there!

Waiting for a new niece or nephew any day now!

Planning a gift for my new niece or nephew. But need to know what sex the baby will be first! I have two different gifts in mind, so I’m prepared either way.

Reminded of being thankful for good health. This jaw surgery is still a daily struggle, but it could be so much worse. I had a butal wake up call regarding that a couple weeks ago when our neighbour told us that he hadn’t put up Christmas lights because both of the ladies that live in his house (they’re sisters) have recently found out they have cancer. Why does it always takes someone’s worse news to make you feel more thankful with your own life?

Hoping for a less stressful, less painful, upcoming year filled with only people I love and featuring only happy times. Always. Happy New Year, everyone!



Currently. (Vol.1)

Laughing about: The other day, I was asleep when Kevin came up to bed and I guess I rolled over to feel his face (with both hands). Then when I was satisfied it was him I guess, I rolled back over to my side. How weird! He told me about it in the morning, and when I said, “what did you say/do when I did that?” He said, “nothing…I just let you do it.” How does he have the patience for things like that?! I would have woke him up if he’d done that to me LOL. I’m laughing right now thinking about this. It’s just so weird.

Feeling: Much less exhausted than the last few weeks. I was worried I maybe have mono (I had it six years ago), but the doctor and I have chalked up my recent exhaustion to post-surgery and the soft-diet. This week has been a good one though so I’m definitely on the up-swing!


Eating: Since I’m on a soft diet for a total of three months because of the jaw surgery, I’m limited with what I can currently eat. I’ve found a few things and eat them basically every day until I’m sick of them, because finding things I CAN eat is really hard to do. I was recently obsessed with mashed potatoes and gravy. My mom saved me from starving right after the surgery by bringing over boxes of instant potatoes. I always thought the idea of them were gross so had never tried them. But [surprisingly] I have learned that they are delicious, quick and fill me up. And above all, I find them kind of magical and am still impressed [each time] by how a powder can turn into a mashed potato. All in five minutes! Paired with gravy, they are extra amazing. I have literally had just these potatoes for lunch and/or dinner. Also, grilled cheese sandwiches (no crust as per doc’s orders). And dairy milk chocolate bars that I have to suck on since I can’t bite into them. Clearly, I am eating very healthy these days.

Listening to: The radio and getting sick of it. Our Sirius XM Radio ran out a couple months ago and I thought I could go back to normal radio but I think I am “siriusly” spoiled now [see what I did there?!] and am so close to calling them up to re-instate it. I’m also getting annoyed with this new Google Play which took over for Songza. Way too many commercials! I hate that Songza sold out to Google. They were awesome. And had no commercials.

Reading: “See Me” by Nicholas Spark. I was on a Nicholas Spark marathon when Kevin and I first moved in together and had to stop reading them because each book made me cry. And that’s a really difficult thing for a book to do. Kevin suggested I lay off the Sparks’ train for a while LOL. Why does someone always have to die in his books though?

Watching: Barely watched any TV for the last few years and ever since I have to now do a 15 minute exercise EVERY SINGLE WAKING HOUR, I have watched hours worth per day! So much so, that I have had worry about when a series ends – “what am I going to do/watch now?” So, first it was “The Mindy Project,” which I thought could never be replaced by another show. After I caught up on all of the seasons on Netflix, I needed to find a new show though, so here enters “Orange is the New Black.” Currently on the very last episode of season three, and taking suggestions for my next show to watch…I’ve heard “Friday Night Lights” is good, so it may be that. It will be interesting if I still watch TV after this recover period is over. I never had time for it before, but maybe that’s why it’s now taking me weeks to finish a book rather than days!

Planning: A weekend getaway to the Muskokas in the summer. This jaw surgery has cost us a lot of money, and we were hoping to get a hot tub by the summer. Now, we are hoping for the fall, so to make that dream a reality, we are sticking close to home this summer…as much as we would love to go to Boston. Or Vegas. I told Kevin the other day that “Vegas misses me,” since I haven’t been there in three years, after I had been there four years in a row. I don’t think he sympathized much with me though LOL.


Learning: How to manage my stress better, as explained here. It’s really hard! Slowly getting back into doing some yoga, and I recently found a short meditation video on YouTube that I have saved to try one night that I don’t do yoga.